The Award

The Award Throughout her life, Helen Gjessing has been a quiet force. Never one to garner accolades, she has simply “showed up” for decades in the Virgin Islands, in her quiet and unassuming way, to do what she could and what was needed, to make a positive difference. Cheryl2That is what this award is about. It is perhaps one of the more difficult awards to earn. It is about living life with an attitude of service to, and care of the world around us.  The award will be given out annually, if an individual comes to the fore that year who’s observed to live their life in the spirit of the type of service to the community that Helen epitomized, and which is typically unpaid. Someone who quietly, and again and again, shows up and helps encourage and accomplish things toward a better world. There is no monetary gift with this award. It is given by citizens, to citizens. It is recognition of and an opportunity to honor those who selflessly give, and live a life of giving, to the world around them. The public is however invited to make donations, if so inclined, to whatever cause(s) or projects are embraced to the recipient of that year’s award.

Cheryl3Going forward, based on suggestions from the public on persons deserving of the award, each year’s recipient will join with Helen in the decision for the following year’s recipient of the award (with the number of persons participating in that process increasing by one each year). From the period of November 1 through May 31 each year, the public will be invited to submit suggestions for the next recipient of the HG Community Service Award. The “Submissions” link on this website has a form for providing stories, and details of service to the Virgin Islands about persons thought to be deserving of this award.